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Did You Know About All-Electric Hot Pressure Washers?

Not many people know that its now possible to get clean-energy all-electric hot water pressure cleaners. These machines don’t use diesel fuel to heat the water, but use electricity instead, so they produce no polluting exhaust fumes and are much cleaner to use. This means they can be safely used in indoor wash-bay environments without the need to install costly and cumbersome flue arrangements.

They work on the principle of having a hot water reservoir (which means they need to be switched on a little while before use) and then draw on this reservoir whilst heating the incoming cold water so there is a constant flow of hot water for cleaning. Modern heating and insulation methods ensure that the water is always hot enough for most regular cleaning activities. Most cleaning operatives will let go of the lance trigger many times during the cleaning operation, and these “off” periods provide the necessary additional heating time to ensure continued operation at optimum temperature.


The technology has improved dramatically since the days of electric machines that used to run cold after no more than 5 minutes’ operation and means that these machines are suitable for most cleaning applications. Whilst the capital cost may be higher than the traditional oil-fired burner units, they are cleaner and cheaper to run, and will suit any company looking to reduce carbon emissions improve its positive contribution to climate change.

So, if your business is interested in reducing your carbon emissions and making a positive contribution to climate change, get in touch with our cleaning equipment experts today for full details.

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