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IBC Cleaning & Laundry Service

With 30 years in the chemical and food grade tanker cleaning industry, Fleetclean have the expertise to ensure your IBCs are cleaned properly and in accordance with internationally recognised standards.

As an SQAS assessed IBC cleaning station and member of the NRTCA, Fleetclean offer EFTCO Cleaning Documents (ECD) with every wash. In an international hire market, this ensures traceability and transparency for all IBCs regardless of their destination.

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A Comprehensive IBC Service

Food Grade IBC Cleaning

With our dedicated food grade IBC cleaning bay, stainless steel fixtures and fittings, filtered air and temperature controlled high pressure wash system along with our expertise in food grade tanker cleaning, Fleetclean are well placed to ensure that a first class food grade IBC cleaning service is provided. We have all the required quality controls, paperwork and infrastructure to ensure your food grade IBC’s are treated properly and cleaned to industry standards.

Certificated IBC Kosher cleaning is also available.

General Purpose (Chemical) IBC Cleaning

Chemical IBC cleaning is also performed in a dedicated bay according to industry standards recognised by CEFIC. We pride ourselves on achieving a high quality service including tackling those more difficult IBC chemical cleans. With 30 years in the tanker cleaning business, we have the equipment and know-how to clean almost all chemical IBCs. We offer the EFTCO Cleaning Document (ECD) with every wash along with IBC inspection and testing services.

Short on Time?

We pride ourselves on our customer focused approach and understand that a quality service, quick turn around and efficiency is a core requirement to our customers.

As such, a short notice IBC Cleaning service is available and can be completed the same day or while you wait (*)

(*) availability dependent on last product

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