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Fleetclean Intellectual Property

The name Fleetclean® and the corresponding logo displayed here are both registered Trade Marks with the IPO (Intellectual Property Office) under the registration numbers of UK00003571720 and UK00003866648

These registrations cover the name and corporate logo of Fleetclean® under Classes 1, 3, 7, 37 – details of which can be found below.

It should be noted that any unauthorised use of a registered Trade Mark by any third party, for or on, any goods or services identical with the goods or services specified on the register, could result in a Trade Mark Infringement which may have legal implications.

In such circumstances, Fleetclean Limited will vigorously defend and protect their intellectual property.

IPO Classifications

Class 1 – UK00003571720

Industrial chemicals;Chemical cleaning agents for use in industrial processes;Chemical grease removing agents for use in industrial manufacturing processes;Industrial detergents for use in manufacturing processes;Detergents for industrial use;Chemicals for use in the automotive industry.

Class 3 – UK00003866648

Cleaning sprays; Cleaning fluids; Automobile cleaning preparations; Car shampoos; Cleaning foam, Caustic cleaning agents.

Class 7 – UK00003571720

Electric high pressure cleaners;Steam cleaners;Steam cleaners [machines];Steam cleaners for household purposes;Electric steam cleaners for household purposes;Multi-purpose steam cleaners;Vacuum cleaners;Vacuum cleaners for household purposes;Vacuum cleaners for industrial purposes;Commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners;Electric vacuum cleaners for industrial use;Industrial cleaning machines [vacuum cleaners];Industrial floor cleaning machines [vacuum cleaners];Suction cleaning machines [vacuum cleaners];Wet and dry vacuum cleaners;Wet vacuum cleaners;Automatic floor scrubbers;Floor polishers;Floor polishers [electric];Floor polishers, electric;Electric floor polishers;Electric sweepers;Rechargeable sweepers;High pressure cleaners;High pressure cleaning machines;High pressure pumps;High pressure washers;Machines for cleaning surfaces using high pressure water;Rotary nozzles for use with high pressure water washing machines;Pressure washers;Multi-purpose high pressure washers.

Class 37 – UK00003571720

Cleaning equipment (Rental of -);Cleaning equipment hire;Rental of cleaning equipment;Rental of tools, plant and equipment for construction, demolition, cleaning and maintenance;Vehicle cleaning;Cleaning of vehicles;Industrial machinery repair;Machinery repair;Providing information relating to the repair or maintenance of power-driven floor cleaning machines;Repair of industrial machinery;Repair of machines;Repair or maintenance of power-driven floor cleaning machines;Maintenance and repair of pressure equipment;Vacuum cleaner repair;Repair of vacuum cleaners;Cleaning of storage containers;Machinery installation;Machinery installation services;Machinery installation, maintenance and repair;Installation of industrial machinery;Providing information relating to the installation of machinery;Cleaning of storage tanks;Cleaning of water tanks;Providing information relating to storage tank cleaning services;Storage tank cleaning;Maintenance and repair of industrial pressure vessels;Providing information relating to the repair or maintenance of vessels;Repair or maintenance of vessels.

Further information regarding these Trade Marks can be obtained from the IPO website using the following links:

Intellectual Property Office – UK00003571720
Intellectual Property Office – UK00003866648

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