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Cleaning Since 1978

Originally established in 1978 providing cleaning services to many different clients such as the haulage industry and even the World Rally Championship, Fleetclean has now developed into one of the country’s leading specialists for the supply of industrial cleaning equipment from the world’s leading brands.

In addition, Fleetclean is a leading provider of state-of-the-art road tanker, IBC and vessel cleaning services, at its Knottingley UK depot, and manufactures bespoke industrial cleaning systems for all aspects of industry, including tank and vessel cleaning and installed factory systems.

Uniquely Positioned

To deliver your cleaning requirements

Fleetclean have a wealth of knowledge within the cleaning industry and their position as both users and suppliers of industrial cleaning equipment makes them uniquely placed to advise you, the customer, on suitable equipment for your cleaning application, whether you are cleaning vehicles, factories, machinery, public spaces, offices, farms or anything else for that matter.

As suppliers for many of the leading industrial cleaning equipment manufacturers you can be assured that Fleetclean always offer impartial advice as to which equipment is best suited for your needs.

This knowledge has enabled them to build and operate a State of the Art Road Tanker and IBC Cleaning facility in Knottingley, which commenced operation in 1996, and now serves customers throughout the UK and Europe, specialising in the internal and external cleaning of road barrels, ISO Container Tanks and IBCs to the high quality standards imposed by both the food manufacturing and chemical industries.

Bespoke Cleaning Equipment

Fleetclean also design and manufacture bespoke tank and IBC cleaning units in storage containers both for export and use within the UK.

Read our Tanker and IBC Cleaning Equipment page for more information on this service.

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