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Our Tank Cleaning Process

Kosher Approved

Approved by the rabbinate of Antwerp

Fleetclean are approved to carry out Kosher cleaning processes at their cleaning station.

Kosher cleaning involves using specific cleaning processes that have been approved by the rabbinate.

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NRTCA Member

The Assurance of UK quality cleaning

The NRTCA was founded in 1985 by like-minded tankcleaning companies who wanted to raise standards within the industry.

Fleetclean were one of the original five founders and continue to contribute to the association today, which now encompasses 25 cleaning locations throughout the UK.

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High Pressure Cleaning System

Cleaning at up to 140 bar pressure

Fleetclean use the modern approach to tank cleaning, which is high pressure, low volume.

This principle is more effective for cleaning, and is more environmentally friendly, as it uses less water (therefore produces less effluent, and requires less energy to heat the water) than the traditional method of heating water using steam mixer valves.

It also guarantees the integrity of the cleaning waters as they are heated indirectly, which means that it is therefore not contaminated by boiler treatment chemicals.

EFTCO Cleaning Documentation

The European assurance of quality cleaning

The SQAS and EFTCO Food Audits permit Fleetclean to use the ECD (EFTCO Cleaning Document) for all cleans carried out at their cleaning station.

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SQAS Assessed

Documented evidence of quality throughout the business

The SQAS assessment for tank and IBC cleaning was the brainchild of CEFIC (The Chemical Industries Association), EFTCO (European Federation of Tank Cleaning Organisations) and National Tankcleaning Associations, which in the case of the UK is the NRTCA (National Road Tanker Cleaners Association).

The audit, which takes place over three days, is carried out by independent auditors and covers all aspects of a tank and IBC cleaning facility ensuring that cleans are carried out to a high standard, and that all local, national and environmental laws and controls are correctly observed. Therefore, all customers can be assured of a top quality clean each and every time.

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Drivers Facilities

Keeping your drivers happy

Fleetcleans site offers drivers the opportunity to relax in their own rest facility, which offers hot and cold drinks and snacks. Drivers are also able to use the shower facilities that are available.

Both facilities are available at all times during tanker cleaning opening hours.

EFTCO Food Cleaning Assessed

Working to the high standards of the food industry

Fleetcleans cleaning station has also been assessed under the EFTCO Food Cleaning Audit.

This audit focusses on the special requirements of food grade cleaning, and is carried out in conjunction with the SQAS audit.

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