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Upgrades to Tankwash and IBC Cleaning in 2021

2021 has seen a huge number of changes and upgrades to our tankwash and IBC cleaning operations.

First of all, we’ve had a number of personnel changes to the management team which have contributed greatly to an improvement in the overall operation. James Whitham took over as Engineering Services Manager in February 2021 and has progressively introduced equipment and operational changes which have improved reliability, reduced cleaning times and placed a greater emphasis on preventative maintenance.

Our pumping systems have been upgraded and are now more effective with some of the heavier products we clean, such as chocolate and flour. Our DAF effluent treatment system has received several upgrades and now operates with less fluctuation in output, thereby ensuring continuing compliance with our discharge limits, and we’ve installed a Sludge press which de-waters the sludge produced by the DAF Plant, and this dried sludge is then removed from site to be used to create biogas which is sent to generators to create electricity, and bio-fertiliser for farms.

In addition, Alice Bell, our Cleaning Services Manager took on additional responsibilities including those of tankwash personnel. Her first action was to promote one of our Senior Tankwash Operatives, Gav Haigh, to the position of Tankwash Supervisor. Gav oversees our two shifts which are headed up by Ian Downham and Jonny Norton ensuring that all tasks are completed to our quality standards and to customer satisfaction. And last, but not least, Danny Bennett-Brown is now in charge of our IBC cleaning operation, bringing his high standards to this function of the business.

These personnel changes have meant that we now have an exceptional team in place to ensure that tanks and IBC’s are cleaned to the highest standards at all times.

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