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A Modern IBC Cleaning Solution

Here at Fleetclean we are very familiar with customers presenting us with unique cleaning problems, quite often with stains, product and detergents having to be taken into account, along with reducing manual inputs and efficiencies. This week’s problem solving opportunity took us to Peterborough, Cambridgeshire where our customer required a modern cleaning solution in their brand new site, cleaning IBCs used in the production of their popular food supplement.

Emissions and water usage were the forefront of this project. As the site isn’t connected to mains drainage, all waste must be transported off site at a cost so water usage was paramount – without compromising wash performance.

Plant Master Electric IBC Cleaning Solution

The solution?

Our electrically heated high pressure cleaner ensures that 80⁰c 200 bar hot water is readily available, whilst maintaining a green, low carbon footprint and zero emissions. With the soaring costs of fossil fuels, our electrically heated solution is not only economically effective, it also negates the need for fuel storage on site along with any COSHH red tape that comes with it.

Paired with our FC30 tank cleaning head, chosen specifically for its quick cleaning time, full 360⁰ internal tank coverage in just 3 minutes means minimal water use with maximum wash performance. In addition the custom built timer remote control unit ensures that the cleaning head can be started by the operator and then left to complete a wash cycle unattended without fear of being forgotten about, wasting water and energy whilst a key controlled override can allow for uninterrupted cleaning.

Built in our workshop and installed within the day at the prepared site allowed for our engineers to commission and carry out the operator training that the customer required to make sure the equipment is put straight to use.

Go GREEN with Fleetclean, ask about our range of electrically heated equipment and put us to the test to create a solution to your cleaning challenges!

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