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Traffic Film Removers (TFRs): Everything you need to know

Traffic Film Removers (TFR) are a chemical that is formulated to break down dirt easily and swiftly, that a regular car shampoo would usually struggle to shift. A traffic film remover is designed to remove road grime without damaging the paintwork or mechanical parts of a vehicle. As you’re driving, a vehicle is likely to pick up a thin layer of grit, dirt and oil which can be quite difficult to scrub off with anything else. A good TFR will easily break down this grime and remove it, often without much effort on your part.

How to use a TFR

So how do you use TFRs? Well first and foremost, you’re going to want to pick the right one for you. Entry point wise, we’d recommend a non-caustic traffic film remover that will not corrode or burn the surface it is used on. Non-caustic traffic film removers like ours can be used through a power washer, applied with a snow foaming bottle, or applied directly to a surface if diluted down. It’s strong cleaning capabilities mean that you won’t have to put in much physical effort at all to remove the dirt and grime and it does not leave a residue if removed quickly.

Key points to remember

A TFR will loosen any grease and dirt, but it is recommended you use a brush and water as soon as possible to get rid of any leftover residue. It is also recommended not to use and clean with TFRs in hot weather or direct sunlight. If you must do this however, make sure you wash off as quickly as you can.

You shouldn’t use a TRF too regularly either. It is recommended to be used every few months or so. If you use traffic film removers too much,  they can fade vehicle paintwork. If the vehicle has been waxed recently, some removers can remove the wax too, so make sure you space out your cleans depending on your vehicle upkeep routine. It’s worth noting that a traffic film remover can’t clean everything. Lots of mud, dead flies for example, are a lot more resistant to TFRs, so be warned of this before you make a purchase – they won’t work!


Safety wise, traffic film removers are relatively safe, but it is important to acknowledge that this is a chemical, so expect a mixture of metasilicates and caustic within them. The higher the level of concentrate the greater risk of irritation to you. If you’re a home user, a pre-diluted mix would be recommended. If you’re a professional however, any strength should be safe, but remember to  follow appropriate precautions when handling chemicals, in accordance with COSHH regulations.

What do we supply?

Along with our non-caustic TFR as mentioned, we also have our Fleetclean 3000 and Fleetclean 4000 TFRs that work just as well to clean dirt from your vehicle, You can get them in bulk from our website, with a special buy one get one free offer if you buy four cans. Of course, we have a whole range of different cleaning chemicals to browse, so visit our chemicals store page to find out more.



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