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Electrically-heated Pressure Washers: Versatile, Green and Clean!

Electrically-heated pressure washers are an incredibly versatile, environmentally friendly tool with a wide range of uses. They’re essential for keeping anything from building exteriors, outdoor areas and external surfaces in tip top condition by effectively and efficiently eliminating dirt, grime (and even graffiti!) which can easily build up over time. They’re also capable of removing tough grime, mud and debris from machinery, which ultimately helps to maintain the performance and the appearance of equipment. Whatever the job, they make light work of many cleaning tasks. And they really couldn’t be easier to use. Provided there’s a power source, an electric pressure washer is good to go!

Fleetclean Electrically-heated Pressure Washer

What makes electric pressure washers environmentally friendly?

Electrically-heated pressure washers use less water than a standard hose when completing the same jobs, which is great when it comes to reducing your water usage and therefore your overall water bill. At Fleetclean, we offer an emission free pressure washer with low running costs, but without compromising on high performance, which is great considering that many businesses are becoming increasingly aware and wanting to reduce their environmental impact.

What makes electric pressure washers so versatile?

Compared to their petrol counterparts, electrically-heated pressure washers are substantially quieter and can be used indoors or in enclosed spaces, as there’s no fumes to worry about. This makes the electric pressure washer an effective tool when it comes to cleaning a wide range of locations! To achieve optimum results when using an electrically-heated pressure washer, it’s always a good idea to think about what it is that needs to be cleaned. For example, pressure washers equipped with specialised nozzles can be used to effectively clean and remove debris from industrial pipelines, sewers and drainage systems.

Pressure washers are also brilliant when it comes to cleaning hard surfaces such as factory, warehouse or commercial garage floors, and they’re ideal for cleaning areas where there’s stubborn dirt and stains which are tough to shift (such as oil). They’re also highly effective at removing debris and dirt in agricultural settings, as well as removing cement residue and cleaning vehicles on construction sites. Fortunately, we have a comprehensive range of cleaning equipment to suit many different cleaning requirements as we know having the right tools for the job is essential for getting the job done both efficiently and effectively.

Whether it’s cleaning floors, agricultural equipment or commercial vehicles, in order to achieve the best possible finish, it’s well worth using the right detergents for the job. At Fleetclean, we offer a full range of high quality chemicals, which suit all of our cleaning equipment. So whether it’s machinery, flooring or building exteriors in need of a clean, our range of cleaning equipment paired with our specialist detergents will ensure a thoroughly deep clean is achieved.

Where can electrically-heated pressure washers be used?

  • If you work in construction, pressure washers can be used to remove cement and mortar residues from equipment, as well as clean construction vehicles.
  • Pressure washers can be used to clean machinery in agricultural settings, and they can also be used to clean farm buildings and animal enclosures of dirt, debris and manure.
  • In factories and warehouses, pressure washes are incredibly effective when it comes to cleaning floors, walls and any equipment/machinery.
  • Pressure washers are also used in manufacturing processes in order to clean parts and equipment which have been used in production.
  • In the food industry, pressure washers are used for cleaning processing equipment, conveyor belts, and production areas so that high hygiene standards are maintained and also serve to prevent contamination.
  • Electrically-heated pressure washers are often used by transportation companies in order to clean trucks, buses and other commercial vehicles in order to maintain their appearance.

At Fleetclean, we have a range of reliable, high quality pressure washers, with both short and long term hire options available to suit your specific cleaning requirements. So regardless of what it is that needs cleaning, our knowledgeable team is on hand to help you hire the right equipment to match your cleaning and financial requirements.

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