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A Guide to Using Industrial Steam Cleaners & Carpet Cleaners in an Industrial Space

In industrial settings, hygiene and cleanliness are essential not only for the employees’ health and well-being but also for the equipment’s overall productivity and longevity. Using a combination of industrial cleaning equipment such as industrial vacuum cleaners, industrial steam cleaners and carpet cleaners, is perfect for cleaning large, industrial spaces. In this blog, we’ll go over how to use these powerful floor cleaning machines in an industrial setting, step by step, to keep the workplace clean and safe.

Selecting the right equipment

A few important things to consider before you start a clean are things like the size of the space to be cleaned, the surface material you need to clean, and the degree of soil or stains you need to clean. Bearing these things in mind will help you choose the right cleaning equipment. For example, a steam cleaner uses high-temperature steam to sanitise and disinfect various surfaces, whereas a carpet cleaner uses a combination of detergent and water to clean carpets only. If you’re still not sure what industrial cleaning equipment you need, then you can always get in touch and chat with experts like us and we’ll help you choose the right machine for you.

Readying the area for cleaning

It is absolutely necessary to properly prepare the industrial space before beginning the floor cleaning process. Debris, equipment, and other items that could impede the cleaning process or endanger safety should be removed from the area first. Start by using your industrial vacuum cleaner and thoroughly vacuuming the area to remove any loose dirt or debris from the surface. A carpet cleaner or industrial steam cleaner will run more smoothly over a debris free surface and deliver a much better end result.

Get to know the equipment

Read and understand the user manual provided by the manufacturer before operating any professional carpet cleaning machines or industrial steam cleaners. Familiarise yourself with the equipment. Pay close attention to the guidelines for maintenance, recommended cleaning methods, and safety instructions. Throughout the cleaning process, safe and efficient operation is ensured by taking the time to understand how the machine works and how to operate it.

Pre-treating stains & high-traffic areas

If you’re aware of stains or stubborn marks on any of your surfaces, using an appropriate stain remover or spot cleaner is a worthwhile step to take, before bringing in your industrial cleaning equipment. Allow the stain or spot cleaner to infiltrate the stain for the recommended duration prior to continuing with the cleaning process. Pre-treating stubborn marks like this improves the efficiency of the cleaning process as a whole and helps to loosen stubborn stains for your carpet cleaner and steam cleaner to get the job done properly.

Operating the carpet cleaner or industrial steam cleaner

Fill the cleaning machine’s reservoir as directed by the manufacturer with the recommended cleaning solution and water before beginning to use the equipment. Depending on the kind of surface and the amount of dirt on it, you may want to change the settings on the carpet cleaner or steam cleaner before starting. Begin from one corner of the floor space and work consistently in one direction across the whole area. For a thorough clean, use consistent, even pressure,

Drying the surface

Drying the surface after using a piece of industrial cleaning equipment is essential to prevent mould growth. Ventilate the industrial space by opening windows or using fans to aid the drying process. Avoid walking on the damp floor or carpet until it is completely dry to prevent footprints and potential damage.

Equipment maintenance and regular cleaning

It is essential to adhere to a routine maintenance schedule to guarantee the longevity of your industrial cleaning equipment. After each use, thoroughly clean the equipment to remove any remaining dirt or cleaning solution. For optimal performance, regularly inspect and replace any damaged or worn parts.

Utilising carpet cleaners and industrial steam cleaners in an industrial space can greatly enhance cleanliness and hygiene, leading to a healthier, happier, and more productive workspace. Browse our range of industrial cleaning equipment on our website.

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