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Our Partnership With Bolondi Cleaning Heads

Fleetclean are proud to announce our new partnership with Bolondi Cleaning Heads. We are pleased to introduce this new affiliation that will allow us to distribute and deliver a new brand of tank and IBC cleaning heads. Bolondi Cleaning Heads are well known for producing high quality, technologically advanced, innovative and reliable products and we are delighted to be working alongside them.


Who are Bolondi?

Bolondi Cleaning Heads are a long established, highly recommended manufacturer and distributer of rotating heads and nozzles for washing and sanitizing in industrial cleaning processes. With over 30 years of experience in the production of tank washing heads and volumetric heads they are a sound partner for the variety of washing solutions proposed for high pressure applications in industrial washing and tank cleaning.


What do they do?

Bolondi Cleaning Heads have developed a large number of technological innovations over the past 30 years in the production of washing heads and cleaning nozzles. Their achievements and innovative practices have resulted in streamlining many of the cleaning procedures used today, making the overall process highly efficient. Today they offer a complete range of products for low and high pressure on the market, able to meet the needs of all companies that need a product suitable for sanitisation and cleaning, from small containers to large environments.


What makes them great?

Bolondi Cleaning Heads have as its primary objective the constant innovation and continuous improvement of its production, while maintaining a particular attention to social issues. This drive to constantly refine, improve, and advance its products are what makes them one of the best in the industry. Officina Meccanica Bolondi invests a significant part of its profits into research and development in order to offer increasingly cutting-edge solutions in the production of nozzles and self-propelled heads. The aim is to obtain significant advantages such as: better washing results, reduction of washing time, reduction of water consumption, reduced use of chemicals and reduction of manpower. All these reductions ultimately lead to reduced costs, increased profits, and more sustainable practices to better serve the environment.

We believe Bolondi makes some of the highest quality cleaning heads available and we are proud to be an official distributor and work alongside such giants in the industrial cleaning industry. Fleetclean and Bolondi together make the perfect combination so if you’re looking for the best cleaning nozzles and washing heads, get in touch now to see what we recommend for you.

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