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Karcher HDS 6/10C (110v)

Compact and Eco Efficient.

The Karcher Compact class hot water pressure cleaner is a true all rounder. The unique eco! efficiency mode reduces diesel consumption by 20% without compromising daily cleaning performance.
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Product Overview

The 110V HDS 6/10 C  now features the revolutionary operating concept of the EASY! Force trigger gun. Designed for more effortless, ergonomic and stress-free use.

With central one-button operation, excellent mobility and superb cleaning performance the HDS 6/10 is easy to set-up, intuitive to operate and cheap to run.

The HDS 6/10 C also features Kärcher’s unique Machine Protector system that prolongs component life and provides a 3-year burner coil warranty.

Technical Data

  • Current type (Ph/V/Hz) 1 / 110 / 50
  • Flow rate (l/h) 240 - 560
  • Operating pressure (bar/MPa) 30 / 100 / 3 / 10
  • Max. temperature (°C) max. 80
  • Power rating (kW) 2.9
  • Consumption fuel oil (kg/h) 3.5
  • Power cable (m) 5
  • Fuel tank (l) 15
  • Weight (kg) 100
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 1060 x 650 x 920
  • Max. Pump pressure 1740 psi
  • Hose length 10m

Standard Accessories

  • EASY! Force Advanced Trigger gun
  • High-pressure hose, 10 m
  • Spray lance, 1050 mm
  • Power nozzle

Features and Benefits

  • Jogger principle with large wheels and steering roller.
  • Large integrated handles in the chassis.
  • Integrated tilting aid for effortlessly negotiating obstacles such as steps and kerbs.
  • EASY!Force high-pressure gun.
  • EASY!Lock quick-release locks: durable and robust. And five times faster than screws.
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