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Lavor Comfort XS-R1 75 UP

Compact And Economical

The Comfort XS-R1 75 UP offers a compact design, providing maximum productivity from a medium range ride on scrubber dryer.
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Product Overview

The Lavor  Comfort XS-R1 75 UP can be used for cleaning on various types of hard floors.

The right machine to maintain and thoroughly clean large areas (up to 4,000 m2) with a considerable reduction of cleaning costs.

The presence of two rotating brushes with a diameter of 750 mm provides the Comfort XS-R1 75 UP cordless floor-washing machine with a high processing speed of up to 4350 m² / hour.


Technical Data

  • Scrubbing / squeegee width 750/900 mm
  • Detergent tank capacity 110 l
  • RPM / pressure on the brushes 170/Rpm 50/Kg
  • Brush motor power 400 W
  • Max. working capacity 4350 m2/h
  • Recovery tank capacity stop/total 130/155 l
  • Depression / vacuum motor power 1300/400 mm H2O/W
  • Traction motor power 600 W

Standard Accessories

  • Integrated on-board battery charger
  • 24V battery

Features and Benefits

  • Compact size (810 mm).
  • Stability even when fully loaded, independent front wheel drive with tight turning circle.
  • Recovery tank control window for easy cleaning and ordinary maintenance.
  • Automatic brush plate lifting system.
  • Automatic squeegee lifting while in reverse.
  • Antifoam device.
  • Self-levelling brushes.
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