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Lavor SWL R 1000 ST Bin-Up

Powerful And Heavy Duty Ride On Floor Sweeper

The Lavor SWL R 1000 ST Bin-Up ride on floor sweeper is ideal for sweeping large areas both indoors and outdoors, and handle bulky debris and fine dust thanks to a heavy duty sweeping  and dust control system.
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Product Overview

The Lavor SWL R 1000 ST Bin-Up is convenient for use on big open territory and removes dust and garbage effectively.

For the accumulation of garbage, the Lavor Pro SWL R 1000 ST Bin-Up sweeper has a spacious tank, designed for 62 litres of collected material.

The machine is equipped with a suction system that collects dust and garbage into a waste container when working at high speed.

The  Lavor SWL R 1000 ST Bin-Up petrol sweeper has a high-performance 5.8 HP Honda engine.

Technical Data

  • Main brush width 700 mm
  • Main brush + side brush width 920 mm
  • Main brush + 2 side brushes 1230 mm
  • Collector tank 62 lt
  • Hourly efficiency 8280 m2/h
  • Speed 5,8 Km/h
  • Filtering surface 6 m2
  • Filter shaker electric

Standard Accessories

  • Self Levelling brushes with 2 side brushes
  • Heavy Duty chassis
  • Honda 5.5 HP engine

Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for large surfaces.
  • Large surface filter distributed on 6 cartridge filters fitted with electric shaker filter.
  • Side brush raising control.
  • Main brush pressure regulation.
  • Front dust vacuum system.
  • Long life elastic belts.
  • Suction selection lever.
  • Shock proof steel frame.
  • Antistatic device.
  • Wide collector tank.
  • Heavy duty steel frame.
  • Perfectly balanced weight of the components, thus resulting in totally safe quick changes of direction.
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