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MAC Avant 15/200

A High Performance, Hot Water Pressure Washer

The MAC Avant 15/200 is a practical and effective industrial hot pressure washer.
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Product Overview

The MAC Avant 15/200 is a top of the range 415v, hot water pressure washer equipped with multiple features including stainless steel cover, twin axle and 1450RPM slow revving motor makes it suitable for all needs.

The MAC Avant 15/200 has won the Ministry of Defence contract for the last 9 years.


Technical Data

  • Motor Specification 7.5hp, 1450rpm
  • Pressure 200bar / 3000psi
  • Product Weight 130kg
  • Power Supply 415v
  • Shutdown System K3 Timed Delay
  • Temperature 0-150
  • Water type - Hot
  • Water Flow 15 l/min

Standard Accessories

  • Painted steel chassis
  • Stainless steel cover
  • 4 large robust wheels for tough terrain
  • Including 10mt high pressure hose
  • Single lance
  • Heavy duty trigger

Features and Benefits

  • Efficient M2 boiler system with double spiral coil.
  • High pressure detergent system.
  • Steam stage with low pressure steam valve.
  • Professional Interpump with ceramic pistons.
  • Industrial 1450rpm 4 pole electric motor.
  • Zero pressure, time delay shutdown system.
  • Bypass valve and safety valve.
  • 31lt Easy Fill Fuel Tank.
  • Burner control with flow switch and thermostat .
  • 24v safety controls.
  • Low level fuel warning lamp with burner shut down.
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