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Covid-19 Update

The current situation at Fleetclean is as follows:

Our washbays are currently operating normally, as is our sales hire and service operation.

Our staff are being temperature monitored at the start of their shift and the readings recorded. Any member of staff who shows signs of a fever or a persistent cough will be sent home to isolate as per government guidelines.

Similarly any member of staff whose family or house-sharer show signs of the virus must declare the situation and self-isolate as per government guidelines.

We have adopted social distancing and ask that all personal space, to a minimum of 2 metres is observed. Any visitor to site who does not comply with this condition will be refused entry to/ejected from site.

Fleetclean provide an essential service to the food and transport industries through the operation of their tanker cleaning bays, enabling food and chemical product to reach its destination on time and in prime condition. Without tanker cleaning there would be significant disruption to food supplies and production of goods. We therefore intend to keep our staff safe so they may continue to provide this vital service.

Similarly, our sales hire and service operation provide essential services to the cleaning industry, enabling our customers to provide a clean and safe environment for their staff to operate in. A hygienic workplace is clearly a safer environment in which to operate than a dirty one.

We will continue to provide these services to the best of our ability during this extraordinarily difficult time.

Please also read our Covid-19 Back to Work Plan.

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