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What’s The Best Floor Cleaning Equipment for Warehouses & Why?

What are the best floor cleaning equipment for warehouses, and why?

It’s imperative that you know how to clean your warehouse floor, and what the best tools are for the job. Warehouse floors are typically big and are bound to become unclean fast during the course of daily work. So, when it comes to cleaning warehouse floors, you need warehouse floor cleaning equipment that does the job, and does the job well.

The Floor Sweeper

Floor Cleaning Equipment for Warehouses

It goes without saying, but a floor sweeper is a no-brainer when it comes to floor cleaning equipment. They are of course an integral piece of machinery that is used to collect and remove debris and dust from a floor, starting with smaller machines for smaller areas, to the bigger ride-on machines used for what we’re discussing here – warehouses.

Our recommendation here would be two ride-on models, the Lavor SWL R 1000 ET or the Lavor SWL R 1000 ST Bin Up. The former is easy to maintain and offers up to a maximum of 24,000 square meters of cleaning power on a full battery, offering high productivity and success. It can manage tough debris and can control fine dust super well, thanks to robust heavy duty sweeping and built-in dust control systems. The latter model is very similar, but its key feature is that the machine is equipped with an unloading mechanism which allows the collector tank to be raised up to 110cm in height and then emptied into a waste bin, alleviating any user fatigue.


The Scrubber Dryer

Floor Cleaning Equipment for Warehouses

Scrubber driers are one of the first pieces of floor cleaning equipment that come to mind when we consider cleaning equipment for warehouses, however, the floors must be debris free to avoid damage. These work by using one or more rotating brushes which act on the floor surface and replicate the action of a scrubbing brush. A cleaning solution is then used in turn to get rid of the grit and grime from the floor. There are many different models and makes available, so it’s important to understand what the best scrubber drier for use in warehouses are, as some models are more suited to smaller spaces. In our expert opinion, the Lavor XS R 75UP is our scrubbier drier of choice for warehouse floor cleaning. It has been designed for maintaining and deep cleaning large areas, with a capacity to clean up to 4350 sqm. It is quite compact in its size and so has great manoeuvrability. This then allows for maintaining cleanliness in hard-to-reach places, making it an ideal problem solver for warehouse-based businesses. It is easy to use, cost effective and very user friendly.


Industrial Vacuums

Floor Cleaning Equipment for Warehouses

Then of course we have vacuums. These are smaller than the previous machines mentioned but are great when it comes to certain aspects of warehouse floor cleaning, such as hard to reach places, stairs, or just for picking up specific types of waste. For instance, some vacuums specialise in picking up liquids and oils like the Kärcher IVS 100/55 M, whereas vacuums such as the Kärcher IVC 60/12-1 EC H Z22 ATEX are purposefully made to pick up combustible and explosive dusts of ST1, ST2 and ST3 CLASS, as well as your usual dirt and debris. It of course depends on your warehouse and what is it used for as to which vacuum is right for you, so if you’re not sure, feel free to get in touch with our team today and we can happily recommend the best vacuum cleaner for your warehouse.  

We’re not just experts on vacuums, scrubber driers and floor sweepers though, if you have any questions regarding what equipment you should use to clean your warehouse floors, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Fleetclean. Alternatively, you can look at all the products we have to offer by visiting our products page, or exploring what we have available to hire

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